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Submit URL to Google, Bing And Yahoo

Submit URL to Google, Bing And Yahoo.


Google wants to know everything about you, just everything

10/03/2010 2 comments

Google wants to know everything about you, just everything.

Suicide Online

Yesterday’s Google Adsense Earning $25123.

Google maps now includes delhi metro

Try new Google

28/11/2009 1 comment

googlewell as orkut has come with an new interface, now its turn to google the search engine to buy new clothes for it. its not yet launched officialy, but the social networking blog mashable has come up wit this trick  to access the new google with sidebar.

1. Go to
2. enter this code into your web browser’s URL address field(clear the adddress bar completely):


3. hit enter and refresh the page.

do tell me how feel about the new google.

create animatd Gifs from youtube videos

gifsoupjust enter the url of your favorite youtube video and get a gif file link. you adjust the size, length of the file. you don’t even need to register. it a great site. do check it out.

you can have sizes of thumbnail, the original also. the link to follow is gifsoup.