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Typing Jobs

There are different types of online jobs and Work at Home resources. Typing job is one of the simplest types of work at home. This article describes about the various aspects related with online and offline typing jobs.

What does it involve?

Employers provide you scanned copies of handwritten or typed documents, books, directories, manuals or textbooks. What you have to do is to type out pages and pages of texts from scanned PDF files into Word or Excel files without making any changes and as per the requirement of the employers. You must be familiar with MS Windows Office Suit. Besides, you should be aware about handling files and folders, Zip files, PDF files, and sending and receiving emails with file attachments.

Know something more:

  • Simple Typing Jobs are available for online as well as offline.
  • In offline work, files are sent to you by emails. You have to work at home on your PC as per the instructions of the employers.
  • Although you neither are required to possess a typing proficiency certificate nor are you expected to have an extra ordinary typing speed but a speed of about 30 to 35 WPM is advisable.
  • Employers put lot of stress on the accuracy levels of the final work. The compensation varies with the accuracy levels.
  • Before you take up typing work at home, you must understand various details from your employer, most important being the parameters on which accuracy levels are ascertained.
  • In case of less than 95% accuracy levels, you may not qualify for any payment and thus all your hard work goes waste.
  • Keep in mind that terms and conditions are always one sided and you do not have a right to challenge the accuracy level, the decision of the employers being always final and binding upon you.
  • You must specifically ask your employers about the mistakes, which are liable for complete rejection of work.
  • Many employers take your tests before giving you actual jobs. They will provide you sample files and expect you to complete the job in certain duration (few hours to 2/3 days).
  • There is nothing wrong with the sample assignments. However, do not let the prospective employers take you for a ride. Run of the mill type employers tend to get couples of pages typed out from you as sample work. Mind you, no compensation is paid for such sample work. Therefore, make sure that you accept only few pages (never more than 5) as sample typing work.

Different employers have different criteria for ascertaining accuracy levels. As a general guideline, I have given below a list of few parameters that are used for deciding accuracy levels. Percentage deductions for mistakes are dependent on several factors.

  1. Font size, type and color
  2. Line and paragraph spacing, indenting, tabs, paragraphs setting
  3. Header and footer placing
  4. Text alignment, caps, characters spacing
  5. Page size, page margin, page lay out
  6. Spelling mistakes, symbols, bullets, numbering
  7. Tables, boxes, shapes, pictures, charts, photo
  8. Super scripts, Sub scripts
  9. Heading, sub heading, file name
  10. Equations, mathematical and scientific formulas

Summing Up

Simple typing jobs never pay good compensation. Due to high demand, the rates vary from very cheap to moderate. If you possess a good typing speed, you could fetch more work and thus more income. Be wary about unreliable and unknown Work at Home sites that have a tendency to collect registration fees and exploiting the gullible unemployed educated persons.

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