Work at home

Whether or not you are a single mom or a married mom, we all know that taking care of children whether it is 1 child or 6 is more than a full time job; us moms do not start being a mom at 9 and stop being a mom at five. Unless you have a husband that is superman, this little 9 to 5 mom thing is not 9 to 5 it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are like me you just love being a mom, but let’s face it us moms have our hands full especially if you throw another work at home job into the mix. So what if you want to supply your families with extra income or you are a single mom and can not afford day care but you need a job to support your children? Well the solution is quite simple you can work at home and be a mom all at the same time.

This just takes some juggling to make a job at home work because there are so many distractions at home going on around you. Your kids may be fighting and you need to intervene, so they do not hurt each other. You have to cook not only breakfast, but lunch and dinner as well. You have to get the kids baths and then dressed in the morning, you have school doctor appointments grocery shopping laundry housecleaning and sporting events to take your children to. I am sure there are other thing to that will come up so it is all about managing your time.

Work at home moms do not have it all that easy, this is a lot of things to have on your plate at one time and a mom can get stresses out with so much going on around her. So how exactly can you make it all work? Well if you have help that will help a lot. Maybe when dad gets home from work he feeds the kids dinner and then takes them outside or to the park for a couple hours while you work. Working before the kids wake up and after the kids go to sleep is another great time to get your work done. Even though I am sure you would rather sit down and relax.

You can make a work at home job work you just have to be sure that you can manage your time efficiently. Plan your day and all the events the night before so you are well organized and really motivate yourself to get your work done and you will start generating income that your whole family can benefit from.

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