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Dare you get laptops in his class

08/03/2010 1 comment

Dare you get laptops in his class.


….But I Love my India

We’ll i am an Indian and i love my country but there are some downsides too as every country does, still i love my India.


  • You can drive the way you want. can jump traffic signals, jump lanes, drive rashly, play music loud……….. still you are not fined(almost 85% as off now in my case) but i love my India.

  • if you get caught by traffic police there is 75% chances that you’ll end up paying only20-25% of the fine but i love my India.

  • If you are a government employee and you are not happy with your salary just go on a matter how much lose it will lead to the company or to the patients incase you are a doctor, in two-three days your wish will be fulfilled…. but i love my india.

  • A government employee is given a (retirement) when he completes his 60 years in this world. Reason: “you mentally unfit.” but a politician can remain  in job till death….. but i love my India.

  • As off now almost 50% seats in higher education is are re-severed to minority,SC/ST extra and a large number of these seats are wasted every year because their are not enough students or the can’t qualify even when the score bar is almost on ground. they are given reservation since independence because they are not able to get good education. is this a fault of government or the general category which try so hard to get into these higher institutions. why the government doesn’t have reservation in INA then????……but i love my India.

  • all alomst the slum dogs get a some flats by government to live and leave their slums. but either the government officers eat those flats or the people whom the flats are alloted sell the flats and shift to another place to create a new slum……. but i still love my India.

  • The judiciary system of India. people spend their whole lives fighting for their rights, then their next generations fight for the same but the cases keep going on and on…… but i love my India.

  • Criminals can be politician and no one is there to question them until he has a support of a political party…… but i still love my India.

to live a happy and smooth life in India, what you need is money and support of high government officials. no matter how big mistakes you make, you are always forgiven……

Students studying on Flat World Increasing

flat world knowledge

flat world knowledge

Flat World Knowledge

In March Flat World got $8 million in funding, and the news is they now claim 40,000 kids are using their stuff.

This is the tip of the iceberg, David Weir of BNET writes. The number could grow five-fold in a year and the total market is 17 million students.

So far the company has focused solely on business and economics textbooks. But it now has 32 titles in development covering basic subjects like psychology, sociology and genetics.

Instead of paying $100 for the textbooks you need in a class, Flat World claims its customers pay an average of $18. In addition to the free download students can buy a PDF version, a printed version (black and white or color), even an audio version. (My eldest is dyslexic — this is big news.)

Flat World is being followed into the market by a host of competitors, like Chegg and BookRenter. This may be the best news of all.

While the material is subject to copyright, it’s called open source because it’s freely available for download on the Internet.

Ceo, Frank last year mentioned several other ways to monetize the content, from testing guides to online chats with book authors. So you might think of this as more of a Priceline model. Students can name their own price for textbooks, actually spending more than they do now if they want ancillary services, or spending nothing at all.