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Bored of twitter(140),try woofer(1400)!!!!!

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Tweet tweet woof woof

are you bored of twitter or the 140 character limit restricts your expressions??????

then there is solution now, try woofing. instead of  tweeting now start woofing. i don’t why people do stuff like this, but at the end of the day you get a new thing to stick to. 

this site almost resembles the twitterinterface. here the character limit is 1400, more than the 140 character limit of twitter. to add this it has created a new type of blogging: “macroblogging”. woofer has a link on it home page saying “is this twitter” which leads to page written no is large characters and it also has site’s legal notice.

this is created by a company known as Join the company.

don’t you think that this social networking world is getting worse day by day? do comment!!!!


Ways to make money on twitter

Ways to money on twitter

  • Upgrade to Twitter Pro. This is the first step to everything. With Twitter Pro you are getting a paid service that has a lot to offer. You have unlimited number of tweets as compared to the standard account wherein you get a daily or weekly limit. It also allows a Cellphone/Blackberry and Windows Mobile client to use Pro tools that make your tweeting better and more robust. You can make a better statement with Twitter Pro because you use the web to transmit the tweets, so you are sidestepping the overly priced SMS charges. You can also upload tweeting pics and videos.
  • Merchandise. This is a very trusty way to earn money. You sell stuff online, whether they are items you have produced yourself or otherwise. You get to tell other people what you have to sell and convince them to buy. This on is pretty basic.
  • Twitter for Business following after Google Apps. This is a customized, safe and secure software that businesses run in their own intranet. BlackBerry and Win Mobile clients are already familiar of this application. Clients or the employees of the clients can easily communicate appointments and tasks because by following this platform, what the company is actually getting is a centralized personal or group communication system. It can be set up to have teams be subscribed to each other’s tweets so they keep in touch with each other’s progress.
  • Use Twitter for affiliate marketing. This strategy is already used by a lot of affiliate marketers. In addition to the websites where they place links that people can click on, they also send out the links of these websites in their tweets. People who are subscribed to the marketer’s tweets would be able to click on the links and be redirected to your web page.
  • Twitter: Wanna tweet God?

    19/08/2009 5 comments



    Prayers not more than 140 words!!!

    An Israeli university student has opened a twitter site, twitter/thekotel, where prayers can be sent for placements in the crevices of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a Jewish holy site that faithful believe provides a direct line to the Almighty .

    At the western wall. he has placed some 1,000 rolled-up papers.

    Facebook gets Twitter-like search


    New users to Facebook (and probably some existing users, but not all of them yet) are getting a new search experience in Facebook . The new interface for search makes it possible to see all public results from Facebook users (the Everyone filter), or just results from your friends. Or, as before, only Events, Groups, or Applications.

    The Everyone filter is the key new feature. It lets Facebook users monitor the entire network for news and updates on big topics, the same way Twitter was consumed for information coming from Iran after the recent election.

    Like Twitter Search, the Facebook search result page alerts you when new results come in that match your query, but it doesn’t update the whole page until you ask. This is arguably the best way to keep people up to date without overwhelming them.

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    Facebook‘s 250 million-strong user base, and the demographic breadth of its audience, puts Twitter‘s geeky but growing audience to shame. However, Twitter and Facebook are not, strictly speaking, direct competitors. The standard social models for the sites are still quite different. In Twitter, by default, anyone can follow anyone else. In Facebook, however, people are accustomed to only reading updates from those people with whom they have established a two-way relationship. The new Everyone filter makes Facebook like Twitter in search, but it will take some time for people to learn to use Facebook the way they do Twitter, and it’s not clear that the two models will mesh well on one social platform.

    Google but not google

    15/08/2009 1 comment


    Who doesn’t want to be as famous as google. internet is flooded with websites having names sounding the same as google.

    checkout the following list-


    it’s search engine in irelanddoodle






    another search engine




    its a business directory in Isreal


    a website from usadoodle








    its a scheduling sitedoodle


    a real estate website


    Most expensive commercials

    What an advertisement. Honda Accord. it took 606 retakes and takes to make this commercial


    football rules…….pepsi’s commercial

    adidas and beckam…. have to be expensive

    the world’s most costly commercial. it took 607 takes to make this ad and the total cost was $15.4 million for this 20 second commercial. apparently, everything is real and no graphics used. Ford Commercial

    The most expensive Guinness beer commercial ever made. Phenomenal.