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Barack Obama among the 10 most popular twitter users

11/09/2009 1 comment


here is list of most popular twitter users with the number of followers they have:-


Aplusk (3521549)





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Detect spammers following your twitter account

If your friend has a large number of followers then there may a be a group of spammers following him/her.


there is tool known as twitblock, which helps you anlayse your true human followers. it scans the whole profile and detects twitter accounts that are fake or created for spamming twitter. this tool doesn’t require your password.

so get going and check your followers……

Msn, google, yahoo, facebook chat in one window

01/09/2009 6 comments

 Msn, google, yahoo, myspace facebook chat in one window


 Access all your chat accounts with this single website it also has the option to access facebook chat. so now you can login to your facebook chat without going to and second advantage is that you can use facebook chat even if facebook is blocked on your workplace computers.

Bored of twitter(140),try woofer(1400)!!!!!

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Tweet tweet woof woof

are you bored of twitter or the 140 character limit restricts your expressions??????

then there is solution now, try woofing. instead of  tweeting now start woofing. i don’t why people do stuff like this, but at the end of the day you get a new thing to stick to. 

this site almost resembles the twitterinterface. here the character limit is 1400, more than the 140 character limit of twitter. to add this it has created a new type of blogging: “macroblogging”. woofer has a link on it home page saying “is this twitter” which leads to page written no is large characters and it also has site’s legal notice.

this is created by a company known as Join the company.

don’t you think that this social networking world is getting worse day by day? do comment!!!!

Now no 140 character limit on twitter…

Twitter Blog Birds, social networking, twitterI sometimes don’t like the 140 character limit in twitter. if you feel the same, here is a crack.

PageTweet , will help you out to bypass 140 character limit. What it actually does is make you enter your message along with your url and nickname and then gives you a short url for that message. You can actually add the shortened url in your Twitter feed along with some another message.

Ways to make money on twitter

Ways to money on twitter

  • Upgrade to Twitter Pro. This is the first step to everything. With Twitter Pro you are getting a paid service that has a lot to offer. You have unlimited number of tweets as compared to the standard account wherein you get a daily or weekly limit. It also allows a Cellphone/Blackberry and Windows Mobile client to use Pro tools that make your tweeting better and more robust. You can make a better statement with Twitter Pro because you use the web to transmit the tweets, so you are sidestepping the overly priced SMS charges. You can also upload tweeting pics and videos.
  • Merchandise. This is a very trusty way to earn money. You sell stuff online, whether they are items you have produced yourself or otherwise. You get to tell other people what you have to sell and convince them to buy. This on is pretty basic.
  • Twitter for Business following after Google Apps. This is a customized, safe and secure software that businesses run in their own intranet. BlackBerry and Win Mobile clients are already familiar of this application. Clients or the employees of the clients can easily communicate appointments and tasks because by following this platform, what the company is actually getting is a centralized personal or group communication system. It can be set up to have teams be subscribed to each other’s tweets so they keep in touch with each other’s progress.
  • Use Twitter for affiliate marketing. This strategy is already used by a lot of affiliate marketers. In addition to the websites where they place links that people can click on, they also send out the links of these websites in their tweets. People who are subscribed to the marketer’s tweets would be able to click on the links and be redirected to your web page.
  • Twitter needs to die for microblogging to live

    Twitter has quickly become a cultural phenomenon among the technorati and celebrity set who, for whatever reason, want to share their lives with their followers. And while a new study suggests that the majority of tweets are pointless babble, there is clearly value somewhere or else people would have dropped it months ago.



    That’s not to suggest that microblogging is guaranteed to be successful, and certainly not guaranteed to be lucrative, even for Twitter. With no clear revenue model and ever-increasing expectations, the monetization of Twitter remains one of Silicon Valley’s favorite conversation topics.

     Regardless, the service has introduced a new way to communicate that is unlikely to disappear overnight. As part of the microblogging evolution, Slate’s Farhad Manjoo contends that Twitter itself needs to die. And he might be right, at least in the sense that for microblogging to become something bigger media properties and open standards need to find their way into the mix. 

    If Twitter worked more like e-mail or the Web–a system managed by different entities that were connected by common Web protocols–a hit like last week’s wouldn’t be crippling. A denial-of-service attack would have brought down some people’s status updates, but Twitter would still work for most of the world.

    The basic idea is that Twitter-like services should become more like RSS (Really Simple Syndication), an idea which not surprisingly comes from RSS co-creator Dave Winer. And while RSS is not the exact analogy as it’s not real-time nor is it geared toward request/response scenarios, it is the model for disseminating information across a vast array of Internet-connected resources.

    So far the attempts at replication/integration that we see from social sites like Facebook and FriendFeed are nothing more than next-generation screen-scraping. But this approach might actually fly long term because microblogging services will eventually become nothing more than dumb pipes, something that media sites like Yahoo and AOL have been good at leveraging for years.

    The methods by which people truly interact on the Internet and mobile phones will also help to prove out who will win the microblogging battle. If it’s IM then I lean toward Yahoo and AOL as potential winners. If it’s all through SMS (Short Message Service) then the carriers will get their share. Ultimately, if we’re just talking about content then the delivery mechanism shouldn’t be locked into one brand.