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Barack Obama among the 10 most popular twitter users

11/09/2009 1 comment


here is list of most popular twitter users with the number of followers they have:-


Aplusk (3521549)





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Detect spammers following your twitter account

If your friend has a large number of followers then there may a be a group of spammers following him/her.


there is tool known as twitblock, which helps you anlayse your true human followers. it scans the whole profile and detects twitter accounts that are fake or created for spamming twitter. this tool doesn’t require your password.

so get going and check your followers……

Dowload facebook photo album

To download your favorite album or any of friends album from facebook, you  need fotobounce.

with fotobounce you can manage your photos in facebook and flickr, upload or download them right from your desktop. you can even tag the photos with its face recognition feature.

great interface to transfer photos from one account to another.

Download YouTube videos

How to download youtube videos??


there are dozens of ways to download youtube videos.

Via Web Paste the URL from youtube of your corresponding video and it’ll download the video on your hard disk. Paste the URL from youtube of your corresponding video and it’ll download the video on your hard disk.

Windows Application

Install Real Player. it’ll let you download the video. when you watch a video on youtube, it’ll show a message to download the video.


Youtube-dl. Here’s some love for Linux() users. Youtube-dl is a program that lets you download YouTube clips in flv format.

Mac OS X

Get Tube is an OS X application which lets you download video or audio files from YouTube.

Msn, google, yahoo, facebook chat in one window

01/09/2009 6 comments

 Msn, google, yahoo, myspace facebook chat in one window


 Access all your chat accounts with this single website it also has the option to access facebook chat. so now you can login to your facebook chat without going to and second advantage is that you can use facebook chat even if facebook is blocked on your workplace computers.