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Check if your computer can run 64 bit Windows

Check if your computer can run 64 bit Windows.


Foamy the squirrel Calls for windows support

Check how this squirrel calls Microsoft for support. its damn cool 🙂

Cool New Windows 7 advertisements

23/12/2009 1 comment

Here are some cool new windows 7 ad videos from Microsoft switzerland. it justifies its tagline “We designed windows 7 to simplify your everyday tasks, work the way you want, and make new things possible.”

change your windows xp password without knowing the older password

13/09/2009 1 comment

windows xpif u have forgotten the password or your dad has locked it, no problem. heres the solution

  • go to run in the star menu
  • (type) net user(and press enter)
  • (type)net user [windows login ID] *(press enter)
  • eg:-net user himanshu *(press enter)
  • now type the new password and retype it. it will show the confirmation

Protect my Desktop. Help!!!!

You’ll shout out the same in a few minutes.

watch this youtube video……


Not Enough?watch part 2

Google sms channels

05/09/2009 2 comments

If you want all your updates on your favorite blog on your mobile then google sms channel will do the trick. it is a great service both for publishers and subscribers. its absolutely free for all.

google sms channel


Not only this, you also subscribe for latest news, weather forecast, jokes, stocks, horoscope etc. and also gives you an option to group sms your friends in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

this service is currently available in India only. google will extend to international subscribers also.

you can join this blog, ringbing sms channel .

Download YouTube videos

How to download youtube videos??


there are dozens of ways to download youtube videos.

Via Web Paste the URL from youtube of your corresponding video and it’ll download the video on your hard disk. Paste the URL from youtube of your corresponding video and it’ll download the video on your hard disk.

Windows Application

Install Real Player. it’ll let you download the video. when you watch a video on youtube, it’ll show a message to download the video.


Youtube-dl. Here’s some love for Linux() users. Youtube-dl is a program that lets you download YouTube clips in flv format.

Mac OS X

Get Tube is an OS X application which lets you download video or audio files from YouTube.