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Best free antivirus softwares

Free antivirus softwares

free antivirus

Avast Home Edition Free Antivirus

This antivirus is great, free and uses less of your processor. And security can’t be compared. if you keep this software up to date, this will work tremendously well. you just need to register to get its free registration key and you are ready to go.

it also has the boot time scan options which lets you secure your pc even better.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition

It is most popular amongst the antivirus race but its free version don’t offer you as much as avast. you can get a basic protection from this. but some test showed that its detection rates is a bit low than avast.

Avira Personal Free Antivirus

its has the detection rate a bit greater than avast but its spyware detetction is better in its paid version. moreover some tweaking is also needed to make it work properly.


all these are free and easy to install- remove. try the best for you. 🙂


Msn, google, yahoo, facebook chat in one window

01/09/2009 6 comments

 Msn, google, yahoo, myspace facebook chat in one window


 Access all your chat accounts with this single website it also has the option to access facebook chat. so now you can login to your facebook chat without going to and second advantage is that you can use facebook chat even if facebook is blocked on your workplace computers.

Bored of twitter(140),try woofer(1400)!!!!!

Twitter Blog Birds, social networking, twitter, woofer

Tweet tweet woof woof

are you bored of twitter or the 140 character limit restricts your expressions??????

then there is solution now, try woofing. instead of  tweeting now start woofing. i don’t why people do stuff like this, but at the end of the day you get a new thing to stick to. 

this site almost resembles the twitterinterface. here the character limit is 1400, more than the 140 character limit of twitter. to add this it has created a new type of blogging: “macroblogging”. woofer has a link on it home page saying “is this twitter” which leads to page written no is large characters and it also has site’s legal notice.

this is created by a company known as Join the company.

don’t you think that this social networking world is getting worse day by day? do comment!!!!

Now no 140 character limit on twitter…

Twitter Blog Birds, social networking, twitterI sometimes don’t like the 140 character limit in twitter. if you feel the same, here is a crack.

PageTweet , will help you out to bypass 140 character limit. What it actually does is make you enter your message along with your url and nickname and then gives you a short url for that message. You can actually add the shortened url in your Twitter feed along with some another message.

Students studying on Flat World Increasing

flat world knowledge

flat world knowledge

Flat World Knowledge

In March Flat World got $8 million in funding, and the news is they now claim 40,000 kids are using their stuff.

This is the tip of the iceberg, David Weir of BNET writes. The number could grow five-fold in a year and the total market is 17 million students.

So far the company has focused solely on business and economics textbooks. But it now has 32 titles in development covering basic subjects like psychology, sociology and genetics.

Instead of paying $100 for the textbooks you need in a class, Flat World claims its customers pay an average of $18. In addition to the free download students can buy a PDF version, a printed version (black and white or color), even an audio version. (My eldest is dyslexic — this is big news.)

Flat World is being followed into the market by a host of competitors, like Chegg and BookRenter. This may be the best news of all.

While the material is subject to copyright, it’s called open source because it’s freely available for download on the Internet.

Ceo, Frank last year mentioned several other ways to monetize the content, from testing guides to online chats with book authors. So you might think of this as more of a Priceline model. Students can name their own price for textbooks, actually spending more than they do now if they want ancillary services, or spending nothing at all.

Twitter the 50 most popular celebs on Twitter

08/08/2009 2 comments

Stephen Fry tops our Twitter league, but which other famous faces are we following?

stephen_fry, twitter, celebrity

1. Stephen Fry: 98616 followers

Read his Twitter feed at:

Type of celebrity: Comedian, Actor, TV presenter, Wit

Typical Tweet: “600 people went to the theatre, not to to see Oliver but to compete in a paper & chocolate wrapper rustling competition. Others came to cough”

2. Lance Armstrong: 53813

Cyclist, record breaking Tour De France Winner

“Got the Knaggs’ family/kids over here at the house. 6 kids ripping around. It’s madness! Luke and 5 girls. Ha! Have a good weekend everyone!”

3. Britney Spears: 53290

“I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! –Britney”

4. Rick Sanchez: 48825

American TV news anchor

“i twitter because i need as a journalist to get what viewers think and say. w/out them i’m just another talking head.they complete me, lol!”

5. Shaquille O’Neill: 46296

Basketball player, Actor

“Anotha sleepless nite, n twitter land, aaaaaggggghhhhhhh, whyyyyyyyyyyyy”

6. John Cleese: 44142

Actor, Comedian

“Thank you everyone for the messages. Remember I am practically dead, barely functional. Your patience is appreciated. Will blog again soon”

7. Jonathan Ross: 43432

Tv Presenter, Comedian

“You can lead a celeb to twitter but you can’t always make them tweet.”

8. Al Gore: 38351

American politician, Former US Vice President, Environmentalist

“I’m advocating a US goal of 100% carbon-free electricity in 10 years. If you are interested in the plan, check today’s NYT op-Ed on it”

9. MC Hammer: 34042


“I appreciate all the love (tweets) of congratulations you sent to me about the Super Bowl commercial (Cash4Gold) …it means a lot..thanks”

10. John Hodgman: 32097


“Desk is clear for the first time since beginning of book tour. Apparently it is made of wood”

11. Jimmy Fallon: 27163

American Comedian

“Just got 4 deli platters from The Daily Show for me and the staff. Classy peeps. Thanks!”

12. Dave Matthews: 24064


“I been playing different guitars. One looks quite a bit like a strat but Rob Cavallo had it made for me (I liked his).”

13. Neil Gaiman: 17705


“Clues you’re twittering too much : during an interesting dream, you think “I must twitter this”, and start looking in dream for your phone.”

14. Philip Schofield: 17291

TV presenter

“Just got the viewing figures for DOI last night, best yet …. 10.9 million. Everyone thrilled with that!! If you watched, thank you.”

15. Russell Brand: 15673

Comedian, TV Presenter, Actor

i”m in bed with my cat morrissey. he’d be furious if he knew i was writing this. he conveys affection by milking me, sans consent. grim

16 Alan Carr: 12,294

“Regretting eating that extra portion of tenderstem broccoli, got awful wind. Nearly blew out my scented candle”

17. Demi Moore: 11655


“Don’t know how this community of positivity was created but I’m grateful to have found you and thrilled to be a part of this. Go Twitterers

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 11147

Governor of California, former actor

“This is about clean air, saving drivers’ money at the gas pump, and about reducing dependence on foreign oil”

19. Jimmy Carr: 8827


“is performing at Peterborough tonight, then Brighton tomorrow”

20. Kevin Smith: 8379

Film Director, Actor

I think someone tried to hack into my account. Bummer

21. William Shatner: 7599


“Ricardo Montalban was a wonderful man I saw him on Broadway I was entertained by his movies. I loved working with him on the film we made”

22. Snoop Doggy Dogg: 7549


“Who’s down to ride with Dogg???”

23. Karl Rove: 7233

Political advisor

“En route to Miami for a speaking engagement— a discussion on the new Administration and analysis of the general political landscape.”

24. Paulo Coelho: 5722


“I’m diving deeper into Timothy Leary’s perception of the world but without the LSD”

25. David Mitchell: 5465

“Thank you so much for believing I’m the real me! I’ve double checked and I still am. I’ll try and post something informative occasionally”

26. Soulja Boy: 5425


“My video gone take him out the game Lol y’all gone love this sh*t just wait”

27. Charlie Brooker: 5338

Columnist, satirist, writer

“GATE O’CLOCK (gayt-oh-klok) – Noun. The tipping point at which the suffix “-gate” may be appended to any given scandal”

28. Luke Wilson: 4809


“It’s hard to keep this twitter thing updated! I should hire someone to do this! ;)”

29. Andy Murray: 4758

Tennis Player

“In abu dhabi – redirected cuz of fog. Gone with that. Killing treacle on nintendo brain train tho”

30. Rob Brydon: 4673

Actor, Comedian

“Almost ten hours of sleep, a modern day personal best!”

31. Joe Trippi: 4644

Political Adviser

“Completely fueled by Diet-Pepsi during Dean Campaign and since, I unfortunately must report that I do not feel “Forever Young”

32. Graham Linehan: 4071

Sitcom writer behind Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd

“I’m pro-erotica, anti-vampire”

33. Andi Peters: 4021

“I’m a Nando’s lover. Medium Peri-peri. Yum. All I talk about is food…why not!!”

34. Will Carling: 3115

“Just about to have a meeting with Rob Jones, a rugby legend from the Valleys!! And a top boy (but can only drink 3 shandys a night!!)”

35. Boris Johnson: 2281

Politician: Mayor of London, Columnist

“Sorry everyone for my radio silence. Not been sking but in Davos. Wall to wall bankerfest and crazy busy schedule. Promise to twitter mo …”

36. Michael Phelps: 2239


“Michael Phelps + New Hobby = Poker !!”

37. Jamie Oliver: 2140


“yeah!great guys,go for it! get involed, talk about pork, cook different cuts, buy british! the recipes are there. and pledge pledge pledge”

38. Elijah Wood: 2118


“Dancing in my underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Biz, lol”

39. Tim Minchin: 1965

Comedian, musician, actor

“without wanting to sound too crass, tickets for next month’s leicester show have gone on sale. do come”

40. Rachel Bilson: 1720


“shopping! shhhhhh”

41. Mischa Barton: 1672

“Hey guys, go check out out my blog where I clear up some rumors you might have read. Don’t believe everything you read! ; ) XOXO MB”

42. Yoko Ono: 1199


“Every day, I am thankful that I am alive. It’s not like we are more deserving than the ones who are running for survival under bombs”

43. Eli Manning: 1328

American Football player

“big game tonight. home field at stake. feelin good”

44. Regina Spektor: 1293


“trying to keep up with all the followers! Xoxoxox”

45. George Lucas: 973


“Kids are really loving the new Clone Wars series”

46. Jamie Cullum: 929


“Wow. As I listen to this new stuff I realise that i’ve definitely chosen vibe over perfection. All full takes, no editing”

47. Xzibit: 661

Rapper, TV Presenter

“black and gold is wack and old……LOL”

48. Richard Herring: 513


“Playing scrabble in cafe Nero after getting too cold for comfort in regents park. Winning of course. Best word so far- patinas 73”

49. Roots Manuva: 388

Rapper, Musician

“Wassup twitation massive! The slime tour blasted off like a rocket. I’m in norfork now. Can someone tell my aunt delia to pop into the show.”

50. Toby Young: 103

Journalist, Broadcaster

“So 38 million Americans watched their new President flub the Oath. Even George “They misunderestimated me” Bush got that right”