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Yesterday’s Google Adsense Earning $25123.

Yesterday’s Google Adsense Earning $25123..


My Computer Mouse Stinks

My Computer Mouse Stinks.

now you can be the rockstar in intel’s ad

you must have seen the intel rockstar ad saying that “our superstar’s are different from yours”‘. now you can replace the main star in the ad. here’s the original ad :-

so to be in this video you don’t need any of your good/bad acting skills, just a photograph with your mouthshut. 🙂 link to follow is rockstarmyself.

well there’s a sad part of this that girls can’t take part. but guys for you its best video to flaunt. do try….

Protect my Desktop. Help!!!!

You’ll shout out the same in a few minutes.

watch this youtube video……


Not Enough?watch part 2

Computer Pranks

29/08/2009 1 comment

microsoft worldmicorosoft word prank

by this prank whenever your friend will type letter ‘E’, it will close the document without saving it.

  • Open up Micro Soft Word
  • Press alt F11, this will open up a vba editor for word.
  • In project window on the left there should be a title “Normal” this is your default template. Select the default document underneath it.
  • Copy and past the following code into the document

Sub AddKeyBinding()

CustomizationContext = NormalTemplate

KeyBindings.Add KeyCode:=BuildKeyCode(wdKeyE), KeyCategory:=wdKeyCategoryCommand, _


End Sub

Sub TestKeybinding()

Dim x As Document

Set x = ActiveDocument

x.Close (False)

End Sub

  • now close the document

windows desktopFreeze Windows Desktop

  • when u are on desktop mode, press prt sc button 
  • go to ms-paint and press ctrl-v.
  • save this file and set this as desktop backrgound.
  • right click on the desktop and in the Arrange icons by tab click, deselect Show desktop icons.
  • now let your friend try his hand on this computer. 
  • Optional: Auto-hide the taskbar as well. To do this, right click on the taskbar, go to properties, check the option for “Auto-hide the taskbar”.


Microsoft Word AutoCorrect

  • Open Microsoft Word and go to Tools > AutoCorrect options.
  • Select the AutoCorrect tab and towards the bottom, you will see Replace and With.
    Under Replace, type “the” and under With, type “that damn”. For example, “the fiscal year” becomes “that damn fiscal year”
    Every instance of “the” will be replaced with “that damn” as and when your target types it.